VMD08 Air Dryer

A perfect match for any ozone application! The VMD08 Air Dryer will ensure a dry source of air for your ozone generator. This will increase the efficiency and the life of your ozone generator.


  • Air Drying
    Two automatically recharged alumina desiccant cylinders. Vacuum driven, compressor not required.
  • Process Gas
    Ambient air, free of dust and oil.
  • Dry Air Capacity
    Up to 8 l/m (16SCFH) ambient air at 85% R.H., 35°C.
  • Resulting Dew Point
    -40°C or better. Dew point indicator (blue crystals) included.
  • Air Flow Resistance
    Approximately 30cm (12") of water column at full flow.
  • Cooling
    Ambient air ±40°C. max. 85% R.H.
  • Power
    120V 60Hz, max 0.65A; average 80W. NOTE: In 220V/50Hz operation, the dryer may receive 120V power from an associated ozone generator
  • Dimensions
    457mm high x 245mm wide x 102mm deep (18"x 10"x 4"). Wall mounted steel cabinet with aluminum base. Two key holes allow for easy vertical mounting.
  • Warnock & Hersey Certified
    CSA file (applied for) - Canada
    ETL file (applied for) - U.S.A.
  • Warranty
    3 years general. The rate of the air drying desiccant depletion is subject to local air quality, and it is expected to last 3 years in normal conditions. Premature depletion of the desiccant is not covered under warranty


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