WFC-120 Automated 5-Gallon Filling Line

Step up to some real water bottling plant production! The WFC120 let’s you run with the big dogs and yet is a surprisingly price conscious water bottling system! The WFC120 Water Bottling Plant is perfect for midsized water bottling plant operations involving fast-turnaround and accurate equipment operations.


  • Wash, sterilize, rinse, fill and cap 120 five or three gallon water bottles per hour.
  • New air driven chain indexing system that makes water bottle jams a thing of the past!
  • New curtaining system to separate various wash and rinse cycles eliminating any possibility of cross contamination within your bottling equipment.
  • Washes with a hot water chemical and has its own integral water heating system with digital temperature display and thermostat.
  • Washes and rinses inside and outside of water bottles.
  • High quality stainless steel pumps with totally enclosed fan cooled motors.
  • Doesn’t require a pressurized water feed; it comes complete with filling pump; just connect it to your product water storage tank.
  • Handy emergency stop switches on each end for unparalleled safety.
  • State of the art PLC control system.
  • Safety switches on all doors shut the system down if a door is opened.
  • Fully adjustable fill cycles with 0.1 sec adjustment increments.
  • Quick changeover from 5 gal to 3 gal water bottles.
  • Cap holding bin with rotational feed and air ram capping.
  • Sealed entrance and exit provides enclosed water filling area.
  • Full stainless steel construction for years of trouble free service.
  • Every unit is electrically tested and certified by CSA prior to shipping.


  • Dimensions: 132" long, 24" wide, 70" high.
  • Net weight: 750 lbs.
  • Electrical: 220V, 60Hz, 37 Amps


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