SNOA4 Ozone Generator/Air Dryer

The SNOA4 combines a high capacity ozone generator with an air dryer all in one unit! This way you'll always be sure your ozone generator is getting a consistent supply of clean dry air.



  • Ozone Generation
    Silent pulse injection corona discharge.
  • Ozone Production
    4g/h from dry air at 5 L/min air flow. (1 L/min = 2 SCFH)
  • Air Drying
    Two automatically recharged alumina desiccant cylinders. Vacuum driven.
  • Dry Air Capacity
    Up to 8 L/min (16 SCFH) ambient air at 85% R.H. 35°C.
  • Resulting Dew Point
    -40°C or better. Dew point indicator (blue crystals)included.
  • Cooling
    Ambient air ± 40°C max. 85% R.H.
  • Power
    120V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz, 200W.
  • Dimensions
    514mm high x 305mm wide x 196mm deep (21"x 12"x 8") powder coated NEMA style steel cabinet with holes for wall mounting
  • Warnock & Hersey Certified
    CSA file L18014 - Canada
    ETL file #98260 - USA
  • Safety
    Internal air flow switch. The unit is protected against voltage surges and continuous 150% overvoltage. The AZCOZON Balance Barometer is required with all water treatment installations.
  • Warranty
  • Refer to AZCO warranty sheet.



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