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Our water vending machines are quite simply the best available. Most other water vending machines use 10 - 15 year-old technology from obsolete cigarette or pop machines. Using this old technology requires the use of 4 different control boards with over 150, yes count them, over 150 wire connections. Building machines like this creates the need for many more, different and unnecessary components. More components add cost and significantly detract from reliability. In the event you have a problem, where do you start to look for the problem? The companies that sell you "their" vending machines, actually only assemble their machines using electronic components purchased from other suppliers. When you have a problem, you will have to try and identify which control board is the source of the problem. You then have to ship the board to the vending machine manufacturer, who in turn may have to ship it to the company they purchased it from, who may in turn have to ship it back to the actual manufacturer. Wow...we don't know about you, but that sounds like it would take a long time to get your machine up and running again. No wonder we hear of so many people whose machines don't work properly.

Superior design in an LA Window Teller means all vending and water management functions are integrated on to 1(one) control board. There is only one electronic component to ever replace if there is a problem. Think of the time, headaches and cost that you will avoid, let alone the peace of mind in knowing you have purchased security and reliability. Our state-of-the-art controller design is coupled with the latest state-of-the-art coin mechanisms to provide you with the most trouble-free operation possible. Some other manufactures use 10 - 15 year old coin acceptors that are nearing obsolescence. Others have such a limited design that the control boards will only work with these out-of-date coin acceptors. What happens in the event the coin acceptors are no longer available or even supported? Your machine may require major re-fitting. This would have to be done at the factory, if it is available at all. How long will this re-fit take? How long will you be unable to sell water? We have designed our controller using open architecture to ensure that you can use coin acceptors from several different manufacturers.

Our machines are without question the finest looking machines available, and the only unit with a 100% stainless steel cabinet. The units look so good, that some community planners insist on them because the appearance adds, not detracts, from the look of the community. Our machines are also the safest. When you plug your machine into a 110 volt receptacle, the voltage is immediately reduced to a safe 24 volts before it enters the vending machine. Other vending machines allow 110 volts to enter their cabinets and some even have a 110 volt power bar lying in the base of the machine where water can run over and into the "live' electrical outlets. We don't feel comfortable using a machine like this and and believe most people would agree. The cabinet has all-welded construction, resulting in no bolts to loosen, rust or seize. Mounting is simple for store-fronts, walls or kiosks. There is no better choice in providing your customers with access to pure drinking water 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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